Clean My Water 50 State Challenge

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North Dakota
Rhode Island

Join @troutunlimted and @ucctu for the #CLEANMYWATER 50 State Challenge. The #CLEANMYWATER campaign encourages community members to remove trash from local rivers and streams while having fun. Over the past two years, posts have come in from 24 states and we want to “green the map” in 2020.

Entry is simple:

Pick up trash and post a photo of you and your haul on Instagram using the hashtag #CLEANMYWATER.

The first person to complete a #CLEANMYWATER cleanup in any of the remaining 26 states (colored blue on the map below) will win a free prize pack courtesy of UCCTU.

Your state already turned green? No problem - @waltersflyrods has donated two 5 weight rod and reel combos that we will randomly giveaway to people posting between now and June 30th. Finally, TU has kicked in a @yeti 45 Tundra cooler for a random lucky winner that posts between now and August 31st.

Make sure to practice #ResponsibleRecreation while participating in #CLEANMYWATER. Bring some gloves, or better yet a trash picker, observe appropriate social distancing and sanitize your hands after you properly dispose of the trash!

Be safe, have fun, and make a difference for your favorite streams and rivers!

It's Easy

Just take five minutes to pick up trash on your way back to the car.

Here at TU we believe in protecting and cleaning our local water. We assume you like the same things and we’re willing to step up and hopefully build a country-wide campaign to help your water too. Your water, my water, it’s all our water.

Past give aways!

Here's what you can win from UCCTU:

two custom #cleanmywater @abelreels ($450 retail) that will be given away for free by @ucctu based on a random selection at the end of October. The more cleanups you share, the higher the chances you may win one of these.

Entry is simple for this contest, post a photo of your haul of trash using the hashtag #CLEANMYWATER and make sure you are following @ucctu. That’s it! This contest is open to the public so anyone can win.

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Participation Benefits:

• Cleaner streams and rivers
• Encouraging responsible habits in the angling community
• Increased exposure for conservation and your chapter, especially with key demographic many chapters are trying to engage
• Potential prizes to enhance chapter fundraising efforts